Thursday, November 4, 2010


Bees and guns bouncing in your basement
Trusted ankle melting in the soup
Coins and glasses falling from a tree
Use the air and forget your hat
Lumpy ashcakes thumping in the trunk


Blocks of salt glisten in your tub
A football bursts and stinks
Weeds and rust crumbling in your book
An apple thuds behind the toilet
Mice and dentures rolling in your blankets

Guest List

Gag the fork you whistle in
Oh pulmón rife with rags
Cost of shirtless noddings
Flag your socks off the roof
Plus or minus frames your name


Buy my suit and flood with draino
Shape a knot to grin like smoke
Spreading tongue or shovel ready
Gauge the luggage for its blood
Mighty grass shining on your roof

Just A

dust’s cash
bomb grotto lint
wheel fool
spread the sink
just cram
nattered mud throat
piece shore
bangs the cloud
mute lore


bunk comb flame
toot’s drift
sugar lapse tent
dry lunge
face of cloud
matter lapsely
yet soon
spend dog lung
tops suit


puse telarañas
como sendas chupones
mamón alegre
tristes los libros
mojados hundidos
soplón y peluca
carne agujereado
pensar de harina
só churrasco


plomo ni pizco
tómame la
caquita circular de
mañanitas torvas
azúcar derramada tu
pulmón de
hule y huarache
soma sublimada
café o colmo


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