Friday, November 5, 2010


Bomb care ,butter song ,flag
Intestine slumber ,dog flute ,bread
Slops tongulate ,bag nut ,pluming
Shirt regurgitation ,stung egg ,knife
Flowered night ,page cud ,brackish


Nope gas trouble soaked the ditch
Guzzled room cloud’s slab redemption
Fake shoe banging in the garbage can
The longer lung blackened leg shroud
Flapping as the sun comes up my brim


Ah double scalp slipping toward my
Shoulder itching like a gate your
Meat suit sluffs inside my cough
A pencil toward the photo frame
What punctures glimmer in the name


Subcompaction cloud napkin wadded
Face your rotting cob rising from
The sink you saved your sandwich
In the clicking window rains out
Side the gasoline is leaving

So To Speak

burn stool
shudder hung dog
shake seat
grab a loaf
testes blink
bray up side
sun chert
grab the buns
loot tongue


flagger cow aura
dings lake
methane shawl closet
nag grime
double loot trust
crap mile
sting the corn
bean neck
chew for years


sucker shape
dog lock penis
brack soot
open shore mouth
blaze leg
test of asswipe
should grill
splay my leak
bark arf


cue spun soak
flap neck
sticky armpit towel
woof lint
fogged the cave
slept dink
crew shudder log
back forth
drier chair crap


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