Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I came to shot list ate the plenty
Rabbits squirming on the coverlet
Where I lathered and labored early
Sandwiched breadlice in my wallet
Dropped into the toilet loudly


Fought you dithered like a tuba
Clanging down the steps an icecube
Tray enhancement combination of the suit
Smoldered on a beach 2 years ago
I aped a wall dripping with kaopectate

Mind Welt

Ease the finger from your eye
See a gnat crystallize in your suitcase
Snore and flush ,nod and loot
Pencil cloudy lens beside your nose
Shorter leg swallowed in the news


Fog your shorts and claw your liver
Begin the thumping in your bathtub
Pummel the eye rolling on your dashboard
Razor trending toward the compromize
Sod shadow plundered on the lawn


seize the jakes
dog slung
page forkus dead
mind glove
pasture flaking shrug
glut door
mile thigh loot
bombing spray
luggage neck constriction


bash gnat
howl in cloud
bore moot
stunner leg dribble
spinning gut
tide shat mug
sender phone
clash let shirt
caw stool


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