Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Dumb ham ladder to the thigh .crease
Slob knuckle toiling fan falls .bull
Slit custard falling on my shoe .tweedle
Lung clock soils my mark .bowel
Glove flame ,trunk pillows .brick


Make a stroke against the feather .clue
Muttered stone knife drinking .god
Change your finger for a sun .dot
Thudding-plan ,knock happy ,bust .steeple
Gas or mean the clustered spoons .grunt

Bendy Toy

Lob gnat .gutter dog your sliced back
Glare gruel .tons of slope away ,form
Whistle glue .top your gland with suit
Linty gun .broke my waddle off
Filter lunge .tore my runt collapsing


Mud crave .dog my muscle shoulder
Pill rule .slave the corn rut class
Mute fill .trouble skewing in the hole
Meat sand .your gravel leg alight
Slack velvet .brought my cloud ahoy


plunging or sought o runt grist
sprawls the suit o lush sandal
folder of toejam o boxed lunch
caught clung clanged o float neck
whisper your chew o plowed throng

Meat Hill

dust rabbit o nodding and pissed
flood gull o mail the slack
supper gall o room and rump
hall flint o hopping pat off
stew crap o mudded the slope


drain the lumber .. bop clwroud
shutter all grass .. denk booth
shed hymn drat .. gnewl smote
shave all stone .. culvert steam
snakes from neck .. slag groan


.should mile .. natter all light.
.drag comb .. hair your fistula.
.whump ,jerk .. doody crawls nod.
.creel finger .. fishy hat cloud.
.dock dog .. walking off your foot.


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