Monday, November 29, 2010


rat clock rustles in my “hair” O corn
swallowed the whole glans tube O sink
grumbled behind the burning door O spoon
fondled my eye beside the mirror O flea
so I grabbed my scrawling arm O nail

claw D you dropped your jumping head
leg D slapped your tooth inside the jar
fork D sang the raining window
float D spat your thumb across the floor
river D rug loss giggling in your lap



dog muscles in my lake U spin
ache or float inside U mumble
trusty foot escapes U pool
slumber in my right eye U left
cloaked my soup in mist U slow

snow P suit your bread in light
come P awaken from your blind
dust P awkward hand arrives
articulated P brims and sinks away
thawed P ape flaccid in your bowl



sooner shut than . cloud gunned
shot my fork off . dream gland
bank and shiver . screw loot
foam the puzzle . dog law
bester fake lint . swallow grime


shifter boom . what the clot cost
foggy broom . mastered the neck
brunt spread . lever off pants
pry song . dusty the princep
mother lung . dope what shodding


molt . swerve light . cash
tremb . mute nut . climb
crock . lint flute . seem
cold . xipe totec . cream
muds . grime laughter . rash


smart foam . dim . dog stream
reel hash . look . glub dream
mill sham . boot . trunt hip
club rinse . gall . blag north
palm court . dust . fan cripple


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