Friday, November 12, 2010


Penetrar nomás ,lumbre regodeado
Chúpate el ,pusilánime la ceja
Sembrar, lixiar ,domar ,finar
Soga que cae y ojear el agua
Tumba instigada y papeles de lodo


Sismear ,antebrazo ,peldaño
Cobrar el vaso y inviértate la gorra
Sarna gastada ,regartearte la cara
Pulmón luminesco ,sueño de máquinas de escribir
Comer el cinturón y del lago no digas nada

Let’s Go

Sleeps the foghorn in my neck
Crust the suit your drizzle mimes
Face down in soup you see the ring
Double halfwit shoulder try to grin
Cheese gleaming on the steering wheel

Re Past

Your bottle full of dental floss
Hunch my sky gnatter ,then deep
The gravel shower sounds like floor
Tear each page and single blindedly
Burn your sleeve and click your fork


bombing the door
lob neck
grass clock sheds
super phog
tame the sandal
sluff chowder
nor flag the
plunge crap
settled boom pun


never grin
plus your tongue
shake rudder
flab come costs
too swallow
nor thumbing lung
tasted grass
phone shoe pencil
golly bleed


seep the floor
log gag
my stnunning shoe
break gast
long the shape
you clogged
net chain sink
peel sore
my lapse gaze


sleep nuts
force the graze
saw storm
last neck thumb
creeping towel
force snore lint
grab tongue
slabber fork sneeze
page creep


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