Thursday, March 22, 2012


the cloud dunk slab the what
wheel skins no clog no
missed the floor crack
text break sodden from
my sullen speech came
back came slept inside
the corn nuts bag
inch dog ●●●●●●●
mute fork●●●●●●●
tongue peel●●●●●●●
foot soak●●●●●●●
crash air●●●●●●●
pore sky●●●●●●●
knot the gnat cloud where
your eye should be why
muted mot flutters in the
medicine cabinet where you
were ,drooling in the sink ,a
timer elbow crashed into the
mirror you turned the left it’s right


With slugguish shot with slab
moraine the: colon : fork ─= a
head redoubt ed what I th
thought a ,what squeaked ,k
not snake glinting tighter
where yr )foggy~ ,if thickened
,lake(≈ sole water’s≈ his
sing up my leg a new el
post bullet remembered where
the double bite ,was nostril
ṳ like ,let escape the tr ▄
unk of broken plates .on the
counter frags ,pull menor
the porc elain dust a s
wirling in my eye left ,a milky
drain ,the right a flood
gushing toward uhn E gun


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