Sunday, March 25, 2012


eat the clung ham foco fam
élico’s strings of fallen fat
your neck inhales the sciss
ored “throat” ah temple suck
er wh ere the candy rat chitters
leaks my teemed tube swerves
beneath your chair teeters
on the clods chucked in .aim
your mouth the bathtub swells your
dusty tool belt’s a finger on the
gum shot off the trembling c
lif f______________ el foco fas
tidioso que en mis ojos no se
hunde lumen faca lo des
pierto siempre ensoñado sordo


eat ппп my corn pill blandwidth
scummy dog lather spread huh
)huh heavy ,nostrilactic( badge
of flurry behind my eye your
.crunch fog head where ,below
the book ,ashy ,ached the
glum door ,fire’s spitty in
the rain my Tongue if
,sprayed ,deep bullet and a
s n o r e ~●lobbed c
loud●~ cheek spurting
,masa on my chin my lap
spat white verse urin
cloaked my whining lunch
my bark release relapse


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