Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sole Dadas chunk 18
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

Of dull hymn cult died the ultimate accent
finger mutes all biles, all time’s caked sequins
the novel sale of villains’ scene
to the verdant floras pallid,
so crawled wavy Phoenix on flaming plumes
matured dull Sole rays vested,
of quantum’s circle the air, accompanied,
is monarchy corned,
and battling nubile, the sponges
dull ray’s cornea’s on lost otters’ rivers,
in coiled drills the vent’s hair whores
pecking not vacant
on funereal barbers’ trophies
what in Egypt engulfed the hushed Ptolomies.
Lot gargles what the busted habit fingered,
grumpy coliseum’s yak foredained,
despises the elf,
olympic pals
of’s valiant disdained lap’s radars.
Leggy the deposed pencils, quantum
fierce ardent mustard
hissed those robust lunchers’
dull shushed muscles, means’s defended
dull blank line or dull veil’s obscured.
Braised sea, plots, the dust, and booger,
hummed annealing he whose no sudden fog,
of reciprocal nuts impeded,
crawls during alms of implicate videos,
heel’s the one is ten’s dull other, mere:
mannered, all fine, heaps of tears,
quantum farts not Alcides,
procures dribblings and, dribbled,
crawled pins to see levant’s arrival
in the profound signals of the seer.


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