Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sole Dadas Chunk 17
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

“Vivid feelers –dice–
large curse of dead nuncios prolix,
and if prolix, in knot’s amorous
simper vivid poses.
Evince no solo in sure candor’s never,
massed plates in sure splendor’s sea’s carded
quantum stamping vital Clotus’ hose translates
the halted fatal rucus of all that hussy’s briefs.
Sean of Fortune
applause the repose
of vestal grains:
to the ray inopportune,
to the Alzheimer’s molested
fecund hose rind, in unequal days,
the camp’s degraded
oil trilled and nectar explained.
Shush moral cantors, shush coupled
encisors the mountain’s cunt ants
daze what vestal crabs simper errant,
what vestal factoids tear or knuckle ears.
Cord’s hose broke the ribs,
which the herb men
and the pearls exceeded’s rustled
number, and’s dull real
blanker puma’s quantum tizzy’s
veiled less denuded.
Tantrums of brief’s fabric, rude junky,
cyborgs vested in the beast’s morn,
and primers danced bone’s deflowered,
which, in crawled Arabia’s mattered veal, of aromas,
sacked trunks and sudden fragrant gum,
vestal porches poor one, and the other pours
in dulcet sea deciduous liquid oil.
Prosperous, all finned, massed not spumoni’s tanked
vestal fortune sees,
which almonds the Invisible in nostril’s alley,
asparagus’ massed cake in the region’s dull lamp.
Enter opulence and necesities,
mediums drink incompetence
of vestal descendants,
preventing ambulant dams,and’s crawdads;
illustrated obelisks’ lost circuits,
to the rays of Jupiter exposed,
owned massed cake of’s lost day Feeble, sub corona,
wandered to the choice pasture and pardoned
the zeal, fulminating the florist.
Zippers, please, one and the other’s plum, in east’s
tranquility’s bone’s hall labored
the postumous whore,
and coiled laminated cypher, disengaged
cake in letters’ poked lean and munching anuses”.


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