Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sole Dadas, Chunk 23
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

Sole Dada Second

Entranced the mare pours a royal brief
of cake’s received oil’s conned sediment past
his rock’s naval precipitate,
and munching salt, no solo in pocket’s vase,
masses sub ruin’s baby,
and his fin’s (crystaline marsupial,
not aligned, signal undulation)
in the pharaoh of Thetis solicitous.
Murals dismantled, pus, of arenas,
centuar yea spumante the Ocean,
medium mare, medium reel,
dust phases welled in the campaign all day,
scaled pretenders oh mount in vain,
oft quim’s dulcet vein’s
the tardy yoni torrent
repented and undies receded.
Arial lozenge sees, novice turned,
of bean’s nascent corn
a maul lunged the front,
retrograde ceded in disequal lunch
a duration torn’s, contra own’s vent’s armed:
not, pissed, of ortho’s manner
a violent munching
dull padre of the angles, condoned
the blank ovations of spumoni verdant,
and resists obeying dry terra’s peel.
In the uncertain river’s,
guarnition unequal to tantric spades,
discovered is the Alpo, our nostril’s peregrin
conned toad’s bilious ultramarine,
what to the fiesta’s nuptual, of verdant tazer
told, yea’s capped the traitorous pine.


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