Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sole Dadas Chunk 21
Transduced from Luis de Góngora's Soledades

The tercet case of a mild era
of prolix career
which the herculean trunks hatchets briefly,
paired on the planted levels
of trees’ sweated zygotes
in distance’s syncopation’s damn crawling,
which attention confuses judiciously.
Day the painful virgen disdains
and her dulcet fugitive members’ bells
in the cortex not embraced resented
forms mass Apollo, mass stretchers,
which from one and ortho meat’s glorious
dull basil embraced hell
with a triple knot.
Arbiter Alcides in shushed rooms, dud
cake the case decides,
bean cakes his minor hock’s an oil flare,
dull lince’s massed gruel.
In toto, pus, what the pale neuter pendant
and the caratoid day’s loose descendant
all templed in desire’s braces,
gallant novice, of the supphosed belle,
the rays anticipates of the stray,
cerulean whore, yeah purpled guide
is, of the day’s dull terminus.


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