Monday, March 12, 2012


eggs gate slobped the forgk
flagg tops the cough shade
my hissing segment draggs be
tween my legs the garage c
hock with guns my gut folds
the gaping pages’ ▒ crowd
illuminatioNatter n at
ter my cage fistula fog lip
oma creaking hinges lost in
the swirling breath~ the n
est’s bottom hOle view of
,lake≈ chopping and sloshing in
a fingerless w i n d w i n d of
haiir and neeedles hh h ≡ ≡
≡ ≡ −h − − − /


hanker for a shirk the as
pirin the shaking towel shat
and tossed the window through
what purpoised toward that
dumpster dreaming on the d
riveway’s lipsed an crusty
what’s to eat an ear a fin
gerprint a Pustule langour w
afting past the sash’s drain
if dimming toward your craw
ling steering O wheel a “kn
ifeedged disk” O bis ective sh
adow your ,ambi valent sh
orting from the d angled sun
it’s out you want out’s rig
ht here just wipe and st
i l l

(Avec des vers d’Evariste Parny)

Leach the crumb doctor cl
inking in’s teeth a leaner
door screened with dangling
tubes dans cette alcôve ob
scure... a trickling beneath
the chair I licked the window
shade Oubli de l’univers !my
shoe my soak my oily watch
inside your shiRt vos
soupirs se font un passage
toward soap and stinging
hair la branche une fois dé
tachée h ay amputation c
luster vide affreux yr
face skin fills ¡sur le
cristal leurs membres déployés...


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