Wednesday, January 30, 2013

uh mirror

tapt hhuh moudth
‘s chuckly sore th
lonng glaad spspattter

hielo ,ref lejo

mirror ,uk

ton o’ ,mess
shirt the dog
towel cclliimmbbss


Espejo Bibliófilo

es ,indention fo
g rake em pile

pages in caves C █

“ponding ,pounding”

Mirror Answers

mew twin yr
shale ,slope ,t
iny drop )ah
left !
)the ton knew(

what ‘s

Lunch Mirror

aw aw “antsy”
...)whizzing... ( “che
w ,moldy ,fog cheese

an yr loook !

Mirror Lint

bombo mealt ot
her hunh pen

w rote a “hair”



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