Monday, January 21, 2013

olvido de las tijeras

laundered and glummy .uh
nek ,trowel .fort of sh
ow plume ,e e e e e e e e
.the sloshing shirt remem
bered forgot ,uh huaca
del aire .sieze .the .nail
traduzco inti-nada ,ah
charmed sore ¡blink b
read when ,oy ¡- - -
- - - - - - or scis >
ors crossed ,outside
the fly the fly gate
∏ * * *

...y pateó la máquina.
- Sr. Ek

olvido del cumpleaños

insufrido peldaño y )mucho riesgo
,mano( muerto ,summer clouds
,what brrreaks inside my hair uh
,70 nickels 70 long turds d
ropping in the crowded lake
,de ojos de ,pulmones thick
with lint ... )the 70 shivers
,the 70 wigs wall the 70
waves of linguini cooked
last week and( a neck
that never stops itching
,the 70 dimes you crawled do
wn to the sótano con sus
grillos )70( y libros ‘
)70 x 70( y your ‘
70 eyes gag the ‘
burbly floor drain ‘
your )boleto’s thin ‘
smile spattered at the ‘
edge ‘ ,O‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ ,,, ‘

Soixant-dix les tombeaux de la boue.
- Julio C. Tello, tr. de F. Ango Secco

olvido blessé

puzzle ,knocking ,shot the shadow
,leg tribulation the ,fog shoulder
dozes in ah ticky loop a whining
bites my arm )sin permiso( & yr
AK47 fulla mud .it’s cramping
boulders in my suit why nu
mb er s yphilitic nozzle in
my clock you seethe ,dro
wsy ,drooling in my sleeves
.aim .lock an cold .)))blunted
swelling where the pillow flow
er fills with bees . . . . . .

...cada golpe lo conté.
- Lic. H. Umo

olvido of the deadline

“why whey wiggles” “it’s
the name” “plutocrat” )sharper
and leaking( )stare ahead
the glowing cheese( “my”
)bomb( collapse “and
shower” )beneath the huaca
invisible( _________ tower of
eyes “not the same” )nor(
esenervencia )colder heels(
)and my ca( sh “choked
off” “mildewed sandwich
on my head” I )left
your “dreaming corn”(

...cansancio infinito...
- Jorge Luis Borges


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