Sunday, January 13, 2013

Espejo del Hueso

rusty head ,look ,the
loot dries ,mental
hinges fawning in the
sun .my butt lake
coils ,a wind.....~..........~..........~
me tuesta el cogote y
,rígido me veo en la
fosa “común” ,comput
urinaria ,ácida .the
rakes scratch your
grave l dus t sla
nting to the lef t
“my” “inch” be
hind........ ay char red
toot h sl iding sl
owly down the
fingery s lope..........................

...el reloj se me esfuma...
- Carlos Fuentes

The Mirror of Memory

my lunging soup ,heel ,double
doubt ,certain... chains ,c
lubs ,soldiers muttering in a
hole .“doubttown” I sed
inacabable ,boca emped
rada ,yaxtún ,lejana
boca que los gritos es
cucha del mono aullador
,el mono ,‘mano ,sp lashing
in my face’s bowl .tus
lentes flotantes que me
ven los vacíos of what
I once redismembered
¿cómo es que me acuerdo de
lo inacordado?

...fusil... name, my meat...
- Thomas L. Taylor

Espejo de la Araña

yet junky foams the form
listers seven hamsters
chewing the drywall kinda
text they gnaw ,soapy
,fading in the rain .numb
er bones ,splinters in la
Atacama where the
ruts s h i m m e r i n g
snakes be
tween the hills ~^~^ ~ ~
ow oh the windows
blind but spidered
babanging in the wind
of light .that sh
ape scutters off
the edge.................. ,

...escalera de vidrio.
- Martín Gubbins

Eel Mirror

the corn the cream the crowd the
aim the smoke the mask
the chair the hat the flakes the
tooth the broken glass the tongue
the puppet the dog the gun the
lint the sausage the leg
the mattress the beans the boil the
itch the nuts the hole
the turd the giant ball the bite the
window the dripping the clawed
the arm the truss the sink the
suit the toilet paper the crawl
the squirrel the cheese the ointment the
explanation the grinning worms the jewel

...Champion of the World!
- The Blaster


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