Monday, January 21, 2013

Mirror of the Creamed Corn

in my sh aded crass cow
- knocker - )floating
in the sink( THE
, , , , , , , sings col
lapsing ,udder all
the wandered windows
- omniformnivorous -
ASS( an osculation ,ne
ver born ,outed na
sal an a scummy shadow
in the stall mi boca
de humo y elote con crema

“escupo ,escucho ,es
)capo escondo( ”

Corn and Smoke.
- Blaster Al Ackerman

Foot Mirror

reef ,er table’s drippingg
,ca ca ca ca ca mi
nasón ficturativo the shape
rolling toward lawn gasifi
cation ,age of end arr
ives .list an doubt ,but
thumb nap ,’s torn mas
k wikkly now ,my said
sugar growls THE FALL
EN TOWER PHONES spattered hand ,re
vives... )my

muddy s h oe’s

,beneath the,

...el lago ahogado...
- Vicente Huidobro

Coffin Mirror

,enter ,horology ,mass de
centered in your face ,a
a ,tot shamer the ,w
all diss olves the
drowned mask nestled in’s
gravel EL SOL DEL
TOS sed over long a
go ,,,teo ininmiscible
,where yr misderemembered
throne ,flushshed ,my
creamed corn gone
),my watched my coined my
ashed unpaged my gast
rointimology )foggy
fracture intenstitive ...((

)...the shapeless e
nd re arrives ...)

( (

...horloge, et pain soluble.
- Jacques Dupin


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