Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Espejo del Tos

coffing in my shoe I
was coughing off the l
adder I was coughing
buzzing in the radio I
was hot coughing up the
pickled tongue I was
coughing shouldered where
the ape coughing mirror
swallowed down my
coughing I was coughing
slabbs of dollar bills co
ughing gasoline sw
eating in the windows I
was coughing like my
whisper coughing in my
book my pages drenched
and giggly with my
ccoughing adulalation ad
mornition of the cooughing
corbpse rrolling down the
stebps with gguns your cri
spp “insurance policy”

- Eel Leonard

Wet Mirror

fogo fome fonte fisted
bowl water ,walls ,dri
pping ,yr jaw jut aim ,th
e whizzzing sleeevesss
)layered on the gate my
,watch swirling ,I was
,chewing a splinter spoon
a ,rungs burning on my
chäiïr )smoky lens be
fore my mouth’s )wet
green stone )the cave’s
fog spewed.... )sw
itch yr neck off )dr
ink ,nothing’s left((((((((( l

...boquitas pintadas.
- Cuco Sánchez

Espejo de la Muerte

hamor handar hanclar... “lo
tronado” )spender( c.age
pensado pl)urierecto tus m(
anos bien dichos “art.i.culate”
que cleave in me en,riquec,
ido por tu haus,encia ,“lo
que va ya se viene” já já
the tw.isting rroad ...enene
mistada ,lacrada ,lagri
amostada... hay huna
llhuvia hoscura hay huna
hacera hinmóvil hay hun
hagua que se hespera
...y lo que hespero se
hespera ,deshebrante ,hi
los de seca luz ~ ~ ~

.nif nis etreum.
-José Gorostiza

Espejo de la Cara Mojada

toot suite ton menton sans
paroles ,de babas se
guido ,take yr fogs an
,pelted ,silenced skin
,ni forma radial ni
,cercle ,sphère des yeux
carrés que en mi bol
sillo llevo ,sharp d
ice ,sees the nothing’s
all a “facial slaw d
ribbling down yr shirt
‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘
)flaming whistle ,a
clouded leg((((((((((((((( L

...loin, dans les vagues...
- Jules Laforgue


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