Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thinner Time

eat sluggish bomb the ice fat
her the stun gum ,baking baking
laser pool .wallet and raft I
burbled ,bubbled ,blended with the
rubbish or a lisping moon my
mine ham crater o I ate too

much and munching



grasp the hung phone twaddle focused
time the moon gun I sung or groaned I
crawled upside and crawed a brick
.ППП .stink shirt )“I” said( hooray
.yezziree the pork lout cuspidormal pi
llow wallows in a suit .my buttons me
lt... caw caw


Shut Blink Shut

shut the fork and blink
the fork and blink shut
fork and blink shut the
and blink shut the fork
blink shut the fork and
shit the fork and blink
blink and fork the shit
and fork the shut blink
fork the shut blink and
the shut blink and fork
shut blink and fork the
blink and fork the shut

Back Throaty Back

throaty dawn crusts my back
dawn crusts my back throaty
crusts my back throaty dawn
my back throaty dawn crusts
back throaty dawn crusts my
throaty lawn crusts my back
back my crusts lawn throaty
my crusts dawn throaty back
crusts dawn throaty back my
dawn throaty back my crusts
throaty back my crusts dawn
back my crusts dawn throaty


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