Friday, July 23, 2010


,cash ,lobster ,fake ,tongue ,mort ,too ,blame
,heel ,itch ,suit ,flame ,cough ,ton
,mile ,mate ,gut ,shirty ,spread
,get ,tore ,foom ,nut
,reach ,tag ,blood
,ding ,spat
,loot ,rinse
,jail ,hat ,master
,flake ,tornasol ,no ,muter
,gone ,gnat ,flock ,sun ,meld
,brick ,hand ,sobs ,plow ,shoot ,mug
,game ,drungk ,slat ,pour ,oily ,rat ,shoe


,past ,posthole
,sugar ,leg ,bundle
,spread ,milk ,time ,hag
,growl ,sot ,lucky ,doom ,fork
,gristle ,face ,it ,shadows ,too ,lump
,mocker ,stun ,mute ,phone ,laundry ,pill ,sore
,tank ,load ,mud ,mutter ,claw ,sink
,sure ,fault ,pile ,puker ,sung
,goad ,molt ,thought ,pow
,met ,laggard ,ton
,screw ,fake

For Forking

paw fork shadow blood
shadow blood paw fork
paw shadow fork blood
blood fork shadow paw
blood shadow fork paw
fork blood paw shadow
paw fork shadow blood
shadow paw blood fork
blood shadow fork paw


my dogged lake your pound suffer my
ash dragged your poop strainer my
steaming and listing my stump and
foresight your pool .fussy neck why
finger out my faucet mist your lumps
lumps my mist faucet your out finger
why neck fussy pool .my foresight
and stump your listing and steaming
your strainer poop my dragged ash
your suffer pound my lake your dogged

Never Talk and Drive

the dendritic phonebook storm of
ladders and skys the warm den
dritic sample of my crispy facial
skin phonebook heaving like a lad
der vomits in my face its dend
rites lost like clocks and stor
ming hair was sky lathered wit
h a face page a foam book a
river flowing back and up aga
in the wires disappeared


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