Monday, July 26, 2010

Clock Lake

divide the clock lakage
clock lakage divide the
lakage clock the divide
the divide lakage clock
lakage the clock divide
clock divide lakage the

Sock Puzzle

word tube puzzled sock
puzzled tube sock word
sock tube word puzzled
word tube puzzled sock
sock word tube puzzled
puzzled sock tube word
word puzzled tube sock
sock word tube puzzled

The Hair Stream

the stream )itch( nasal hair
stream the )tchi( hair nasal
hair nasal )chit( stream the
nasal hair )hitc( the stream
the nasal )itch( scream hair
scream nasal )hcti( hair the
the hair )ctih( nasal stream
hair the )hitc( stream nasal
hair stream )hcit( nasal the

Go Right On Through

my rusty muscle ,gate of
slaw and feet numbly gated
bitten rust and socks the
slipping wall my bucal gate
,socks and lamp ,feet soaking
in my face o muscle gate
crawling in the sandwich I
inhaled the bloody slaw the
lamp was raining ,muscle round
the gate the muscled gate

Less Foot Than Air

pow paw wistful license pawed and
wistful paw sentence shapely lic
ense cawed the pow lister paw my
face and entrail writ with lunch a
caw paw a sentence leaked inside the
shale caw pow said my paw my ch
ewing paw my sentence and my chewed


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