Friday, July 16, 2010

The Shirt Said

tightly layered with the egg the tig
htly egg my layered tongue and saw
dust egg tightly mouthed the egg the
sawdust tongue started egg starts t
o shape a funnel egg layered in my
pocket shape of air of egg of tight wh
at’s lined and born

What Leaks All Over

the pillow hall the lock liquid the
hall half or quarter sinking in the
tub my pillow soaked hall ha ha
locked outside a quarter dancing
in the microwave o hall heaver dart
s away the heaving lightbulb fogs the
hall the hose the soaked the half the
hissing and hissing ,the hissing

When Time Passes

glistening and running running and
glowing in my throat and running
glistened nail tucked beside my
gum was running throat was nailed
glittered gashed and gum running
grease beside my shoe runny
grief and grinning run a sore and
gasp and run and nail and throat

Hammer Said Hammer

the same luggage hammer said
same luggage hammer said the
luggage hammer said the same
hammer said the same luggage
said the same luggage hammer
the same luggage yammer said
said yammer luggage same the
hammer luggage same the said
luggage same the said hammer
same the said hammer luggage
the said hammer luggage same
said hammer luggage same the

Torpeza Con Torpeza

con torpeza hablo nonada
torpeza hablo nonada con
hablo nonada con torpeza
nonada con torpeza hablo
con torpeza habla nonada
nonada habla torpeza con
hablo torpeza con nonada
torpeza con nonada hablo
con nonada hablo torpeza
nonada hablo torpeza con


= u =
several shadows = slump = song shudder
seethe ,train = lumpc = wavered crust
my mute = umpcl = sack thirst
the shirt = mpclu = washed fork
in shit = pclum = muttered laundry
push fart = clump = bulging shorts
= pmulc =
= gash =
= sym =
= me =
= t =
= r =
= y =
= u =
= h =
= u =


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