Friday, July 30, 2010

rusty dork


short shit shot
try bee

coughing or coughing

why sung why
sung why sung

o dry arm ,o leatherlips

gut relaxion

phone goo


flag call
kak shirt

doom boom
the butter


ow light
frying the gas
my club meat shone
sleepy box cracks and thinks
sunk laundry slow with oil gland
oootumbler dead frog light frog dead tumblerooo
gland oil with slow laundry sunk
thinks and cracks box sleepy
shone meat club my
gas the frying
light ow

comb dust
hair nor shirt
flat dog pile streaming
fingered five stones the cave
reeking in my foghorned skull )re(doubt
.....●where the fungus lung fungus where the●.....
re)doubt( skull foghorned in my reeking
cave the stones five fingered
streaming pile dog flat
shirt nor hair
dust comb

Washed Out Washed Up

wash huff an hoff pole drooler p
lace cancer cowling off the nape
.your lice habit clacks my cougher
cup and to .shapely tongue rugger
what my stumbled hair aped an cawed
cawed an aped hair ,stumbled my what
?rugger tongue shapely to and cup
cougher ,my clacks habit lice your
the nape off cowling cancer lace
p drooler .pale hoff and huff wash

La Nada que Sabía

lo ten tativo que puse ,me ent
ré pues ,pusilán ime por nodáctilo
,no sabía la ple nitud ni ta lud ni
donde po nerme la ma no ctiluca
.el río del oj o o scuro cae di mi
ca bellera caballo que cae de mi o
jo de río os curo el nocti loma la m
ano d onde pon erme ni tal ud
ni pleni tud no sa bía el dác
tilo por no pusil ánime pues ,en
tréme , pu se tenta tívolo

Hustling Heaver

hustle and puke knife and wheedle crac
kedoff plastic in my pocket where
the shell shirt’s wadded and I died
.rustling in the afterbirth .spore re
duction and an ounce of breath a slaw
slaw a breath of ounce an and re
ruction spore .afterbirth in the rustling
died I and wadded shirt’s shell where
the pocket’s in my plastic crackedoff
wheedle ,and knife puke and hustle


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