Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Numb Cheese

,er ,got
,plan ,drool ,stem
,legal ,fog ,hissing ,plancha
,lease ,fumble ,troll ,neck ,lint
,spell ,dog ,mind ,skull ,hair ,boil
,lack ,lock ,tongue ,gate ,foul ,said ,room
,gut ,knock ,pond ,foil ,shade ,trial
,bag ,lung ,porch ,turd ,lake
,felt ,shoe ,sand ,mile
,tree ,phone ,square
,dry ,hamster

Real Bladder

,bladder ,mind ,trace ,flack ,towel ,go ,split
,soon ,dumber ,mob ,gas ,peel ,dogs
,came ,flooder ,bum ,mat ,ha
,crawl ,tool ,tomb ,funnel
,plea ,got ,festering
,muck ,door
,gash ,rent
,towel ,sag ,blather
,spore, crawl ,thumb ,spender
,flog ,flag ,clutter ,signal ,spank
,wreath ,mood ,mother ,gag ,eye ,noose
,bonkers ,boil ,drug ,meant ,tut ,gruel ,really


,bull ,door ,mail ,drop ,pestle
.sign ,shoot ,trace ,come ,lobber
,cough ,done ,mute ,stir ,shudder
,gas ,lake ,pan ,bolting ,mobber
,fuel ,dump ,doofus ,shirt ,clod
,meant ,tomb ,bun ,neck ,rake
,glass ,fart ,stream ,mile ,sung

The Stink

flailed and sought ,the gravy or p rice
sw eaty in my shorts a styro cup squee
ked and c rushed a coin it was .under
under ,clash crash ah torn mu te and
fog reliance g utters spelling c louds .the
sot and sail ,cr owded dam ,waves of
mice g listen with b utter )something
cl otted in my ear a hole( glared like
nos tril

Gush Right

gusher hole the paste reveals my
sandwich heavings ,tonnage oh ,mice
ladder squealing in my face a clott
ed cloud .bust it off and spiel
away !the meaty table grasps and sp
lits spl its and grasps the table .meaty
away !spiel and off it ,bust cloud clott
ed face my squealing ladder mice
oh tonnage ,heaving sandwich reveals my
paste the hole the gush the hole husher


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