Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Worn the Ecstasy

chewed my shirt I shirt spread g
asoline the chewing shirt the lint
behind the gasoline halation in the
shirt my fumbled armpit shirt and
donut sneeze the lint composted
in my ear shirt’s lurid sneeze
shirt of muddy shirt of ears and

Don’t Bet On It

so I bendered ,bandied ,battered pas
t the boats I blendered booms and
billets ,boiled the bathroom and my
entry in the east .easy endgame
,emanation what an edge o egg o
ego eddied in the estuary elbow
tacked or tasted ,towelling down
the toilet twist of tapeworm tes
ted like a twitching tale of talking

Planning and Shitting

that sunken cage skreeks across the
wall my fat hair .a towel draining from
your coffing cup the test machine your
funny oil and pissedon cap .straight
clock the sky explodes a nap muscles
through the buried beach .the heavy
thought the empty ,braacck braaaccck
braaaacccck .slam the door and drown

Para Subir al Techo

me lev anté me subí me con tenía
en la esca lera de agua de lum
bres de pie rnas y leng uas des
tripadas mi co mida ri sueña
y cha characa mi la bio hulero
mi hule labio era chachar aca y ris
ueña mi com ida destri pada la
len gua de pier nas de lumb res de
a gua de escal era que la conten
ía y me subía me levan téme

La Barranca Bulímica

cornered cruzado ,plenty gas y
píldoras ,comprimidos comprendidos o
no not swallowed ,my tasty foo
t .rabbits stacked in a circle
of mice ,and my coughing shoe za
patesco a bleeding pañuelo en
mi gorra .maderesco “plienso” y
traipsed across the gorge .or thou
ghtless barranca donde mis libros m
is pal abras mis crossings th rough
the medicated air )¡ay mi comi
da vacía!(


ser pisón ,matal aca ,tunelico en el
smog I see the throat .tall one ,cable
and gashes ,pene trado ,fostered el tro
no de fango such fun and “whistles”
past the reaming of my ear when I the
nada oía .oía la nada when my
ear I reaming the past ,whistles and “fun”
such fango el tron o de fostered pen
etrado ,g ashes and cable one ,tall thro
at .see the smog I tun elico en el
pis ón ,¡ser la mata laca!


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