Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Amantli Oztotl

the shorter lamplight Ö hand snore
blowing cheese Ö folded in temictli
in ayahuitl cuitlatl Ö eye slave
booming thumb Ö drips with flood
five cave ears Ö plunging fork
amantli blood Ö in suited face
tumbled gun open Ö xipexochitl drawer
ladder fountain Ö stinging mice beer
ringing in switch Ö stepping lung
aztli wallet Ö in bulb sandwich
coton alaxtli Ö shimmering in skin

Plan in the Water

suffer nostril to rebate rebellion gig
gling in the woods behind the shopping
center where a wall of sodden mattress
unfolds into the light a spoon dan
gles from the roof the donut billboard
.snuffling and spelling ,rippling food
fills your boots your “mind hopping”
past the fallen plot the nest your sal
tines make inside your face .gazing
at the rain gate around your feet

Oh Yes

hint half smote half moot dung ha
lf jerky half stun g lancer bred
a slab of sheet )hung bread( the
loaf half spun and sparkly where yr
hair stung out ≈ each filmer each
half laughter gargled dime you can’t
remember half the future rumbling in
the garbage can where my cockroach
ripples toward the dawn the half the sun

Away With It

mile and done and snotty key and
hoot and dope and shiny finger
shaping what your ear spouting
frenchfry comb and blood and itchy
lens and toweled grease sink knots
beneath the mattress where a nickel
grunts remembers all the ,\\\\.////////////
pustules of your throat you said the
loot .the blotched wall opens next
your head a condensation of the month the
mouth that sold the time .smile and
run !


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