Tuesday, February 1, 2011


blot sampler flag the ∞ dung boat ∞
feathered sun the ∞ chug gate )( on
da at the bow ∞ bowl ∞ piles of h ash
the laundry ∞ basket nada sabrosa ∞ la
lengüita ∞ taste the dusty star ∞ mil
dew lap ∞ surly one convected to
∞ the pole ) folding in the wind ( (
tooth butter ∞ feet or oars ∞ g
o s plash o f f ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

Off Feed

noose ф project ,weighted gum I
ф swallowed ф gravel moon ф uh
glut o glans shiny ф window pain fu
eled with ф snore muscle ф fru it
luggage leaking where ф it in clos
et ф hung ] doubly [ ratlicked ,sh
orter nan yr too l Џ pocket ф ba
ng a ngng ф o’er thu ф bowl too
T ф where I sw eat my ф sp oon ф ф


my locker my
limit my hash
my watch my
spit my nut
my tomb my
cow my green
my bomb my
tent my foot
my ink my
loot my rush
my stem my
cough my towel
my wipe my
boil my grunt
my splash my
gum my seep
my seed my
loud my got
my ash my
flog my flow
my dirt my
stunned my is
my file my
nap my gash
my pound my
shorts my dime
my spell my
wife my grin
my ladder my
storm my hock
my gland my
roll my glass
my mask my
drip my tool
my lung my
cat my bed
my knot my
itch my leg
my eye my
river my dung
my lapse my
tower my )name(


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