Monday, February 21, 2011

The Lid

knob or
ham furcation
bubbled door
my ash
hasp relief
corn shadow
wander and
pleat throat
gas sandwich
fiscal runnel
dots leak
spin caña
shitless glare
phone dog
runny tomb

Questions ,Wishes

would my cash intention rattle in the clouds
would my bloat tool focus your attention
would my towel storage blot your defecation
would my mash toilet courage your immersion
would my phone redaction curdle in the loot
would my file grinner nominate your hat
would my gunner sky explode your horses
would my bobbing sponges find your armpit
would my heated windows fissure in the night


lidly casted and the lock’s grunt
puddled ear a ,haw ,shadow or a
cough gravel wallet thinks below
your pocket clicked down tight ,s
law filled hat a sticky jewel I
dug gummy can I shat upon my
slumber barking in the fridge I snuffed
my head light jerking refritos moldy in
a monkey bowl yocky yocky cl
awing at the door

Wetly Now

ended drinking like a cataract my stark
glock suiter foamed was roiling tide in
the throne bowl my plunger from my
face fell out my dragger clam my
uh why spell it clot .tolc .foolery
and mimed the dimming shade its
roller snapped and singing like an ear
timed and rippling at my faucet’s rear


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