Wednesday, February 9, 2011


the finger grunter the dog blister the
lab dung er jab and snort ,cloddish
wrinkle in the tambourine’s shot sha
dow sing for the locker in my lap
~ know you’re my flutile floorlamp
sparking in my bookless night a
suit stander lingers ,blunted by the
gristled log and hopping toward the
spat saltines the wheel walker’s sev
ered ears the slab of lung shorted
out the current climbs the walls


tongue shadow quivers on this page I
wait my landlieberwurst and cracker st
icky crumbs spread my grease my
thought lunge swallowed ,was a lake
a slack seepage through the seasoned
leaves .my lurking clot my kidney
stone my sweat clock clumping in my
drizzling bone drying on my desk a
dog jaw a tome of string and meat a
glazey thing long slumbered on the street

The Cyst

what I swallowed in the chapter
sizzled lung and cob impacted in
my sandbox what I followed in the
flapper melted in your toilet tank
I drizzled curds across the sod and
shirt the flapping hands stocked be
beneath the mattress words you coiled
with dirt and banked .the gleaming
abscess in your shorts was furled ,what
was written like a skirt what was
riven ,out and in your shirt


crushed the ham the lack crushed rim
of cooled it off the cupcake stuck in
crack your farting in the pool of
light .the sweat freezing on the
roof the coughing hash brims the
gutters where the ladder streams
my loaf pawed my fan clatters across
the concrete floor like teeth oh
tree crashing up through rooms the
blankets sparkle with splinters with
combs and cups my sandwich sm
eared on the flashing the shingles
flying leaves


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