Thursday, February 3, 2011

R ice

usher ,under gash ,less doubled than
a pair ,scissors or a comb my eye im
pacted in the window night’s your whee
ze guest whispers soundly was that
nightly thrumming on the ears that
nightly vaseline shining on the floor
.nodding in my tooth dangle .ch ump
sodden factor dragged my jumping so
re sore I slept inside my ch eek
s pit s and b lood s aid

A Maze

the ushered fungus you derailed the
absoluter ,solved the dissolution
caw caw the shutter shot .my lung
is peeling ,peanut butter in your klee
nex us neighbor growling in the
backseat ,scratching I “was it
chin’ it” udder flood ,window
cracked ,absolved the gummy poc
ket where you stuck my hand .t
hose giggling mice running at the walls

Tool Dump

sooner lugnuts later clammed an
:nipped off the come an bread
)slog ahead( nutsy ,a squirrel ga
gged on cheese I slumped behi
nd the door and barked .peeing p
eeing .the phone rustling in the base
ment ,heaps of catturd ,tires and
,smouldered socks .the faucet shri
vels in the bun your arm hanging
,from the pipes

The Grasped Wave

whole sandwich half returned to
falling plate my ocean peel my
.stunned custom like a wallet cloud
...the nest of number I put to flame to
,rolly turd across the table where
my ,fork .isobars your face crot
on wilting nose .I raised the
crawling slices ,observed or ad
,tongue sardine smoking in
your ear I put my mouth to
,the wristless tide a pproached


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