Monday, October 22, 2012

olvido del boy scout

uh haw ,yout mate ,treble
shapes or blind clubbage round
about the mothy chairs the
spurting heads filed teeth ch
unks of pinky brain )lung
time( :the rat snore ladder
,twaddle: mutely blaring at
the slime shining on the
walls ))yeah ,sure ,flame
it off(( tossed the wind
ow out the perciatelli
whistling , w i n d
inchy creep of bowls my
blood )nostril( apetitosa
apt to cringe knotty
nodding like langosta d
ropped into ah thrashing
boil ¡oh form gristle
itch for me! )where
the glass once stood ,a
dusty form............... . . . . .

-William S. Burroughs

olvido of the suture

corn shut my suit book lung
throbbing outside the pocket
buttons my face lowered in
the tortellini where yr nos
trilled sauce spiralled in
the corner of yr bowl yr
hat laughter drilled the
clown washer stepped in
to the sticky puddle where
yr loop of wasps sings
beneath a table it’s the
flatness of yr collared
back the nuts and forks
corroding in your shorts
riding on the cob the
rash returns your scissored
wheeling read its itchitch
in the breath you forgot
to take

...plusiers poèmes de chair...
- Le Comte de Lautréamont

olvido cumpleañero

the shore labelled crasher hailed in
denture came the fraught temple sp
lit in 2 or 3 .soap thumb and
force induction ,where I fell into
the bush .wet my shades I did
,why the dribble fell I crept
ashiver up the lawn .plastic gnomes
facedown in the mud .the door re
belled the clouds stretched dry the
hash was mailed in a sandwich
bag .

aimed and flamed the pawed con

...por la caca, un trueno.
-Al Caparra

olvido del L

whee l

braw l

olvido supurante

wool unit
the mist guzzle

jeer ,go ahead


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