Monday, October 22, 2012

olvido pajarero

bull fork ladder him’s the twosome
,soggy crash hidden in ,what
suit – pestered ‘round the
hats – mortífera la cumbre
ahogada the ,slumbered stairs
stars inhaled ,clawed force
,butyl wind coronado con
,tus mangas ,infladas ¡ah
was “chewing up the rungs”!
)ornitología( tongues and
sweats )liposuction( crushed
the buttons with’s teeth and
,blew away ,efectivo ni bol
sillo - ¡nor my twisted
shoe ,bullet! )bullet( like a
toenail snagged inside yr
sock the sodden sleep the sleep
your other mist hid from you

...traje de...chorizo...
- José Lezama Lima

olvido del escribidor

the “lunch” soon blown ay )comida
como lago( viento o nube que sale
de mis nostrils the “lungless sky
with its wordless net” what
fell writhing a bloody dish
rag signature of the shredded
book o my formal headache’s
oozing text my “backword glants”
my... ...teeth pulsing in my
jaw... the pulcrid rat cont
animation ni ,es lo mismo la
miasma cosa freshly putrid
turning over on yr plate a
papa al revés apap .no la
comes asap ,por la puerta
floja ,la biblioteca ahogada
y tu recinto catedrático em
badurnado de miiieeerda

Las poesías no las lee nadie.
- Nicanor Parra

olvido del pie

shaded crap

Roof Root

olvido del moon

laundered sleep
test sink


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