Sunday, October 21, 2012

olvido del camino estancado

hoy SOT rings comprado he las
tumbas fists inacordados¡ alúm
brame !pancreatitus of the wallet
storm ,stone ,maybe mañana loo
se r twisting in my shuttered
circle ,why the neck why it’s
asunto nulo ni aforkid prace
slu mber ))(( yr docile
hands rise the towers
burn )on the lago distant a
)sleeping boat )pescador del
aire )y la tarde )de humo
)dying sweat reverb )eration
)uh(( ( ( ( ( ( ( ]I[ was
shut the door on shore was
chewing off the dollars was
wallowed in my bloated
esophagus ,stuffed with
pills a silbo de 5000
años que todavía suena
,suena intocado como agua
desaparecida que re
cuerdo que no recuerdo

Il faut boire la poussière.
- Arthur Rimbaud

olvido del volante

nod ,focus at the dog hole lint ,luz
,morcilla ,nubes antelúdicas ,el
tornillo de tu pierna izquierda la
tuerca de la derecha / / half bark\\
wheezing on the roof your soaking
shadow dries .the .leaning air
,bulemia sin matices el viento
,,,dunes dragged across the
desert,,, that wad of nostril
fuzz scraped the shape of
earth the dripping sea the
whistling corn ay cubo de as
pirinas en llamas donde se
empieza el tiempo ,bi-idílico
,chortled ,swearing and sw
eating beneath the blistered
wall | my troubled neck be
gins my doubled neneck mmy

...knifeedged disk...
- John M. Bennett


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