Sunday, October 21, 2012

olvido del viaje mudo

sheer stunning the roller mate my
ass contraption wakes ,your
meal shoulder numbing in the
fumbled lint your dead towel
crime your )scummy unu( )sh
ave my fork( I sat and
freed the gas the laundered
shore slides in silence past
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
cake and gristle ,the shallow
suit fingers ,comb filled
with light your outer neck
repels the glue focused on
your queen ,you will never
rise the swirling line is
blinded in the dark
behind the island

...le noir de l’air...
Alexander von Humboldt

olvido del olvido

went to fog phony sheeting
crashing off the walls no
studs just empty stone w
here the firey niche s pills
its tongue o inti mate mi hue
hueteotl giggling a escondidas
en mi gorra pulcra de
mocos y moscas ,my long
bent groan my .wind the
leg ,peldaño iztac ,wan
dered through the last b
lack closet ,my ent
ered chest ,interred ,wh
istle stopped ,more than
useless ,useful ,groping
through the daylight like
a fingernail .))plaster crum
bled on the floor my
bed a gravelly strand........... mar ni mater...
- Antonio Machado

olvido de la comida

tentativo soy uh .melter meat a
corn shot ,pielotudo como bolsa
de pelucas pues no ,drained ,uh
filling ,chewed uh shirt an ,sp
at .each dogged ice inhabits wh
at yr shoe forgot ,each .a
step fader ,sweltered in la
selva petenesca o los desiertos
nortales .pálido ,quemado .rut
ilante ,opaco .la fuente pet
rolera con sus banderas de
polypropelina articuladas
por la brisa o my brok
en bricks )cir cling the gar
b age b ags( the lunch
counter in the dust the line
of stools and steaming bowls
ahí estoy ,conmigo ,con na
die ,con mi cútis rendida
y un par de monedas con
cara anegada ,espejo
que gasto y como

...what I tasted in the pocket lint.
- John M. Bennett


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