Monday, October 8, 2012

olvido of the ashes

leak the singing snore off yr
red skull lint my growling
combination floor yr )a.s.h
j.a.r( )under the corner sh
orts( yr fridge stuffed
with gristle and a hat
your teething your squalling
your pencil faster meatless
eyeball infibulation crawl
seeping down my jaw
)sticky with the leaves )yo
u )otro )tiburón vestido de
vaso trizado so I played
my thinning wig ,tried
to sleep but slept ,when the
sidewalk tunnels the
swamp )thinking
in the bony ear( ( ( ( (

...algo dijo.
- Petrus Borel.

olvido du dictionnaire

chew half the / cash rustle ,si
lent within the lint / your crea
med cage ,greased beneath yr
chair a corner of the galax /
y es “hora” que / nunca /
fluida ,liquen y spreading
thru the / hop thought my
/ )safe resisdance( )keeps
crawling( “I grew the raft”
pal / avered hours ,always
costly / )with the padlocks(
)where yr suited finger “b
right with” blood... / ,,,(

- Denis diderot

olvido of the book

the leaking pen )sink( t
ossed the bone scraw led t
ootoot ------------------------
)maricas ,maricones...( )bowl y
ano( año de mis túneles de
tectivescos on ,the table yr
fork burns )I swore in
side my “pants” be neath
the stacked stones ay t
hose cracking flags behind
mi asma o ¿son mis ojos
pretéritos? )pedernales pretuer
cos preeternizados( and I eat a
te - will eating? - that stink
“water in my spine” a
boom a cob a blot a mil
dew crowned with shit

...los poetas ahumados.
- Roberto Bolaño

olvido corriente

the soup was glue .tine unravel
,mesa disuelta ,rincón tubér
culo embadurnado por ende ,lo
que drank I ,lumbery down
the sidewalk ,acera aseverante
tus lúmenes surround that
pendejato thrashing on the
stage .your fog foot re
tracts folded in yr shoes
yr sweat stink ,foamy
biles ,sorta squeally
every paso ,pasos to ,ni
enfocado ,wiped yr butt
with a flag .the spoon
inmóvil ,cucharón y
cara tus lapbios que
jahabplan ni modo some
thing forested where yr
face once was somet
hing rivered where yr th
roat was ,twisting in
the rain ; ; ; ; ; ; laissent derrière elles que leurs
- Fréderique Guétat-Liviani


Blogger Jonathan said...

Hi John, I just ran across this mini I published in 1989 with a poem by yourself.

October 13, 2012 at 2:59 PM  

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