Monday, February 6, 2012


troubled tunnel ˜ and the pan
creatic hurricane a the sloughing
walls ,abstrusion o my lung
hog materialized demattered
where the dug shirt appears
behind dniheb a wall of me
at’s “pink slime” )))))the sn
apping shade a .noos eht
thunder silence late if cru
mbled loaf ░ rises from the
floor and the eht koob’s
peppered fleas ; ; ;;hop; ;; ; ;
off the page the egap crinkling
in the ~wind~ wheezed
thrippling from that l o n g
flat . hole

For Geoffrey D. Smith


tune tube fix ed chapped
the eyelid õ draining toward the
curb’s bottled spoon o▬ shard
sharper light a nested oil “th
inks” wobbly or winged a
doze ns teet hs пst
utterпп an the chord law
’s tick ,golden bar sunk in
to yr mud “it’s here” the
chozas rise and steam П~
birds an lapping voices f
littering among the trees Ṫ
and water≈ saw the spo
ken moon Ṏ where my hose
should be the vista where
my “path”.... should be the g
ate way back I e e


bush neck ,the thorny eyes
redacted to a footnote sw
eating in your shoe .the
pistol ham your lunch re
tracts ,coweyes squalling
in the broth your breath’s
redrizzled on my sticky
shirt espejo espetado es
condido en tu archivo de
lonja )fiambre afie
brado( o yr futre flut
tered at the cowered wind
mi vista retracted ,saw a
thumb a clot of ink a
blackhead – shining from the
“other side” take off yr
sock and read


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