Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sole Dadas chunk 11
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades:

Chorus tazing, voices altered,
segue to’s dulcet squadron mounted
on’s perished royal past’s lentil,
in quantum hell’s hurt bland
(enter the elms with robust bezels)
pedants of crystal, which movement’s
liver in the fold, in couture’s well,
of the column’s bell
yea where cell’s based’s,
dispenser of crystal not scattered.
Sirens of the mounts’ sure concrete,
ah she who means dull sanitary vents
puddled antique plants
timorous ruin or resealed fracas,
past hissing dares the minor pass
of her pie or her gargle.
Painted caves, zithers of plums,
corona of barbarous capillaries,
mental the ruined pair’s oil
hatchet of blank spume’s
tantra origins ,quantum guides lava
to don his font and don the royal capon.
Invincible they rug the seriphs
thin consigned premies’ ortho day,
yea the formidible salt, yea the ardent
lunch, o yea the career pulverous:
the menu’s agile quantum’s marketing
invokes the case that solo descried,
forsaking the piles of his spouse,
who munching a fresh rose
bubbles the pseudo hatchet off his front,
a major dull om who spews
in the lurch, in the salt, in the career.
Center pacing’s a circle spacious
to massed cumin what a stray ray
hazes, beans of pubs, beans of lists,
donning the Prime View,
calcite’s April vestment’s May,
sentinel sacks of crystal undulate
to’s peddled umlaut of nostrils.
East, pus, center era’s
metal umbrage’s the vacant convinced,
and delicious terminus all distant,
donned uncanny masked cake the animate
concurrence’s cumin.


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