Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sole Dadas, chunk 14
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

The fogs (coiled lengths, snot and sent,
demanded the notch’s gummy hordes,
coiled lusts, of Sol repeaters,
fingered dye in the tingled obscure)
murmured, and in sea’s miasmas sepulchred
shushed members, in’s censor’s day actors,
pedals sound off his miserable sepulchre.
Fenced ,the night’s all fins, and triumphs’ mud
of silence, junked’s brief, dull rule.
Solo gimlet’s offended
the sacked laurel, dull hair’s gut.
Dazed such splendor, dazed denuded
of such frondy pomp the verdant lister
the gulp’s not remiss
the full villain remenbered.
Hell’s cake resisted pud’s
all animate gallstone, coiled lies truncate
paper fuels the pastors, junky runts,
to reveal secret baths of the bladder
where impious Amor caked’s own chopper leaf.
Estrogen’s arbors, pests, veil the manner
of mental forests and emulated vials,
quantum’s murmur of liquid crystals’
agriculture urbane.
Recorded Sol, no, dazed his spewing cane,
the dulcet day’s lost shaved harmony,
the signed lost dusty topazes which batter
orient’s addled Hymen.
Dull car, paused, feeble
the luminous tire,
o mordant whore, the eclipsic sapphire
pissed’s quarrel, quantum populace
lugged the service’s
cone sub whispered, what admired courtesan,
that pest’s dull stamper and dull seat,
he who tapes fronds
tears the verdant holes in arbor’s speed,
and lost (what poured in crawled space’s
fabric) arches (roses)
oblique, wavered pencils jarred,
of tantra’s comely violas jasmine.


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