Wednesday, February 1, 2012


,inexquisito ,suero ,peldaño ,por
quería ,que implanto ,pómulo ,my
pissing cake shadow ,que ,if
dessicate ,,,gotea ,y los taxis
por el río≈ suben ,afónicos
,las bisagras cúmulos ,I o
pened gut the door ,your
foot╘ shirt ,the whimpered
sample ,cagamétrico ,tum
bling beefheart on the st
airs mi sangre≈ te sal
pica innoética y el
viento surge de la cueva C~
,nooztotl reiluminada bífida
como el humo de mis s
mouldering shorts~ was the h
doghair swirling behind the door


the dog clÂck spills the bread
rafter T members a lake ≈€
your sinking tuna › can your
uh ,naw ,plopping was ,an
forked─═ .deeper shoe my
gummy one uhuh note fort
burning~ like the train
.ticky barky ,arf roof off S
.the panned reduction ,pay
my gri$tle with your tiny
lapping ≈ waves obviar
ominar olamar andamiar
.the fracas flaca caso miso
floats~ in the ~broth your loaf


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