Sunday, December 4, 2011


the puddled ≈ lamp ¤ grazed a
glass cadenza crashy like
my vision egg your duffel
loop flattened ___O_ botch
.hum p en surance cave
fulla turds .● the dog
bomb rustles in your for
ehead and what my gg ash
es tiradas cantan por el

la comitiva de puñeta ,len
gua menguante y mis por
celanas wrinkle in the tub
fulla cottage cheese it’s
just the lake Õ last year
,cuajado como calend
rio and my mucous con
grats my sleeve =• so
I sleeping was ,in the re
membered sleet

“...was rice she’s squeezing in her fist”


the lurching tongue the
lack snore the tubs of
churchgrease plodding in
the rain my sack gut re
leased ; ; ; yr door spoke
)loss of shape ,a mumble
guttering ,a plunge slot(

chainlink nor ,towel to
tal ,mice an blood ,a
a ,the stop fister g
randed in the filth
lake .your soon puz
zle ,pizzle of the
foggy road



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