Wednesday, December 21, 2011

bunch of Ketchup ∞paks∞ sp
lattered on the wal;l; o iso
morph and itchess siezing
cape your lawn and ≈mud
walk down the street== yr
grinningῶ burger jiggling on
yr negck “sus desnudas ooo
piedras visten” lettuce an
onionO ,cuernos “de aquellos
montes” aflojados and yr
red an ≈Sdripping≈ shirt .eat
and listen listen

“centro apacible un círculo
espacioso” donde mis migas
echadas sus dientes res
tregan ,las piedras verdes
los platos de bruma fab
ricados y todo lo que veo
mojado es ,dedos que en
la tina como gusanos se
ahogan blancos ,blanco de
mi ojo circunferencial ,co
mercio de avispas que
entran y salen ,radio
de humo sin aire

trAce the ≈laúndry≈ lunch▄box
halfway i-nchy toward the
bowl of coff syrup do•••
tted with yon fruitflies΅ ΅ ΅ ΅
you had lost the wingȜ the
nostril cave of gnats••• your
dead boom inside my tro
users ∏ ah the light was
thready nor my “ch
oice” of sammich= left
beside the burning~ rabbits
.ay Cave was cause e
nough )“donde se desata h
asta los jaspes líquidos”( S S S

My Shadow inchpin clung
my twister to your...o
lives bag a mumbler in the
fruit▓cake where your
teethппп left pathC a
crammer was a so
ck╚ tumbler at the
cave of ~heavy~winds~~
.frogs and ≈clouds≈ a
skylight crumbles off
its cornflakes ɚ just a p░
age of grunty ≈mar,,, son


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