Wednesday, December 21, 2011

lever sput ≈lake≈ tered nor
my gouda O bas cough ket uh
huh )bas throat al ~aspir
nub ation~( sieze your claw
ham mute mer≈ stain the ≈c
loud !“lug” moth “nuts and
mango chutney” I rolled my
liver on the roof ▲ the wires
hstreak be strung neath my
trembling ╛╘ shoes .the lunch
jac thought ked up the coff
drops ee pearled ££ on my
ch off in fell ,spar ­
nuts kling on yr thighs

the nod low ding pen me
at strips hung page in
wi |~wall~| nd apes the
shu ]top[ tter ticks ungh
ahgg what melts .yr
che maskK sted vis comb
age unsees what saw
ay what’s passed down
the str or eet or up
the floo ≈neck≈ ded h
ours the clink in ering
my ear rae ruoy

break the saw mule ..dust ay
an bicker cir cost cularity B
my when’s a num dog ber
draw mine led ]gas~ gate sy[
vaseline and su •moco gar a
bowl so brimmed .shoes or
.cru dad mblers s long lou
ching on the sidewalk where
the infin wirehitive falls // and
com grovels mittee‘s lost
in the gut shine ters )más
quebrada cara que en las
ramas duerme(( ( ( )ö(

shut the mo rustle on back
yr negck gri collar stle st
ink iff so anudada ga § y
el por se renta menor y
may al or ]puerta █ ceg
ada[ nor win dump ow
en cagada nor brisa~ thern
stills my sin shoe gle╘ )g
lueless anna ≈sink≈ fulla
m u d


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