Sunday, December 18, 2011

brack contraption shitting
∞∞off the dock▬ the sw
allowed ≈water≈ spoke
my negck gristle turns
regard oo the cache of
stones●and●bottle caps
your hats ~burning~ in the
corner∟░ toallas rinconadas
o mi smoking redoblado
en la tina Ʊ de mis lunas ((
cumbres▲▲h wrinkled like
my forehead lineated≡
from the leaving ≈waves≈≈ ≈

“hush and õ crystallize”
nor shat∞ asparagus next
the sidewalk where you
rinse≈ the corn and
cower in the ~wind~ )y
our dogged negck( hat
barkfing at the fence
your lip∫ was form or
torn and speaking a
ngles to return but’s
stringing ~~ ~ out like
sneeeze≈ in the final
b r e e z e ~ ~

“sin vïolar espuma” I
in the radishes sat ,lo
mismo hoja que aire
uttered the root dr
agged across the sand su
“bipartida seña” my wallet
and sinking tooth the
flesh was wind ay
“cojea el pensamiento”
embraced his muddy
rake and wasn’t
there nor I a “vago
pie” el polvo en que
desaparece ,steam
and nettle

shape of foam and lugg
infusion age of laun
pleasance dry when so
aking flagged yr foot
“humo anhelando el que
no suda fuego” walked
a head the singulation
wave um cubre broso
coli forma seo sebo
que lo de tu ojo lanza
olvi lodo dado ,eggs
charring in the circ
ular fire

esencialista the ladder I
lungwidth ample against
you shovelled the com
post bleeding its sp
ores or tiempo existen
cialista soy intacto inf
arto ,“negras pizarras
entre blancos dedos in
geniosa hiere otra, que
dudo” y doy pulmonesco
el paso al fango son
oro ,squelching in the
lunch of my thought

,inamoro ,odorificante
,instantáneo ,sacado
en limpio de su culo
,el texto frutal frot
ado he ,con pedre
gosas las luces que
ya comía ,espant
adas ,y la espátula
fogosa al inodoro ech
ada ,donde leo lo
trínseco de mi ti
empo tronado ,la
silla floja y fuerte
de la piedra segun


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