Monday, December 5, 2011


labpse napper eh – turn the
shirt lunch clabper forth
the sodden one the left blo
wer scrabbling in the weeds
its wilting hotdog dragged
down a hole ● the burdock
looms .your tested finger
canapé ,grinny like that
“green obsidian calavera sp
lashing in the ≈ soup”

your snake your woundup
eye your lashings knot
ted in the viscous lake ≈
your brain ῷ thins in your
pants brimming with the
hoses stuffed with dirt
ﮱ so loud my ants my
trotting off a ,wave a
,snarled one a ,:::dusty
itching where yr ear once was

do I sleep or wait


“endotomático” said .corn ::::
soaking in the toilet ≈o↓ drink my
crown please .the phase sug
ar burns ~ beside your cell
phone damper than my
wheeling schnauzer so
narte pues .combs and
rattling lockers ,colec
cionista de calaveritas de
ö hule y agua ≈

,shorn ,legged ,tronado
,mictmizturanza en el
cuaxicalli donde te
has la leche tinta to
mado take the b
orn the ashlight the
looping tongue beside
your stormdrain ≈ ra
ise them scarlet molars
to your light yr dragging lips

“...and drag your suitcase across the field”


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