Wednesday, October 15, 2014

unless he says

really faster cl
awed the ssuit
re mention of th
ddripppingg ,w
ere yr s peed
s hoe f ills
the ground


was exactive

my spoken head a
clustered face the sp
lintered frame moth
smeared on glass my
eye gas swswirls pp
penciled in the cage
em bolismo de  .lo b
barroco es ,mi sombra
emética a cuestas

steps outside and

suckt sh ort
icle yr kknot
lleft em my
my turnedt h
ead the 3
fog negcks b
ush were m
ules ,bush an
                                        b                   blood


just dropped a coin

I was never not k
nocked ne ver me el
culo coiled retraction
sore nor kknew ,the
ept ,nor apt pa
laver all across
the zócalo pleni
lunar del sol ,
aft or fat ,
                                        the dark


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