Thursday, October 30, 2014

dream of the bus

your fogged fee d
tube branch stuck
ck in mud towel
you chew an arm
burrito from yr
pants buggy sc
once eleven’s
w all the w ires
tw ist d own


take away the tray

wha t aair fries
up the pale bed its
laundered groin its
its a or a the
flies regale aand
masturb ate the
racous finger p
ointed at the ciel
ing’s sheets ,tr
                                         embling in the light


why you wipe

cheap shadow lung
cornection uh was
convex at rincón
mis huevos teamed
divorciados fought
‘the smsmoke  .yr
ack tent ,somme
thing breath a
                                         ,lumpy stool


never said it

meddled glot
tus moronic
wealth accu
mulation so
to speech an
pee l the corn
redapted to
the b end of time
to yellowed sh
eets and hairb
alls in the s


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