Monday, October 13, 2014

you swear off

eat your ha s sh
oken in the fork the
fork hot shoe exh
abitation of my piel
regates portento s
wells the glue the
glue recall los hilos re
call la pelusa con su
pelo serpentino is has
was is has the

bebegan the saw mist


the dimmer flame

leap an cheese the
tooth cracks in tor
ment the alpha boot
said q x brrr ha
ha re dampened ffog
an rrice  )the pu
zzle what yr neck’s
siezed what yr ton
gue      en         forcer
                                        ah bey see


mi entuerto epi
lepsioide ,tum
orfacto muerto
por las aletas
donde nada ví
el aire  .shirts
and lunch my
seeing half  .el
otro inmictusible
                                        ,flama del acqua


g round

hOle reached the nneck
ffog you d uh rink
wider sky ff
forks left
swwallows the spoke                                     
the wheel said


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