Tuesday, October 21, 2014

the lost sky

skin ha bits siempre
tan sucio the k notty fork
¿qué buscas? estás
para ser cosido dog
face whirling tape
déjame shoe mist ver
tiginous nights ,matar
desnudo como cuchillo
air is leaving ¿tiene
miedo? in a speeding
car shirts shot th
rough walls drilled
rebus en tu nieve
elada fuego and for
niture payments pat
ients de ceniza y p
olvo de empty pants
ser carnal del drunk
driving un retrato te
imagino Bolcan de la
chingada madre a
hat full of mud and
someone else’s skin
where the sky and sea
blow from a duck’s
beak all the talking
all the splen did
scripts not waking
not waking el huesso
es para la huessa y leyen
das de fuck you mas pa
sado como un higo

A Stew with Bits from Ivan Argüelles,
“rochester 23”, 2014; & Francisco de
Francia y Acosta, “Romance XI”, 1624.

hush shhhh

the piano lake half
shot bacon maid
gleaming through the
shut sky unconscious
foyer durational vowels
uhconscious pages route
or anthill click click c
lick along the border
fluidities a region of
clothespins dust and
theater history dur
ational water tumbles
through the magnets
slime hill horses
navigate the floodplain
lots of splinters and
a ruined circle ,pink
invertebrates fixed
against the wind a
scattered word neo-
occupant refridgera
tor flame waste’s the
steps blaze yes yes
scattering yes scat
tering the 50 years of
milk fungus neoplatonic
puffball sleepwalking
at the top of the stairs

Made of Scraps from Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 87, 2014; & Ivan Argüelles’ “rochester 24”, 2014.


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