Sunday, October 26, 2014

stumbled at the edge

hung from the tri
ology c ode nap
per make the b
us a langu age
ab surd sunb
urn mea sure por
ous group’s har
sh sh sh lung

shoe horn s cent
un labor’s inner
pour us gestures
at the mesh rose
across the acted
heritage throttled
meat sssssieling’s
anal aperture

socks and beans
the text peppered
with snooze sent
ence cathar it
ic packaging’s m
ass market roo
ster dancing on the
container ships

expent ant expec
torant ,bath er
dangerous exit
looks the bound
legs locked be
side the sw eat
mar kets ,thes
is g ate ,full lung

salt waste tic
tic tic the b
link volunteer
winds can think
o photo based the
sur face st ripped
of bulbs the very
fiction sleeps

late outskirts sh
are rejection rej
re turns execu rates
the gender shoes
wha herbicide
tooths the rest
au rant caged in
side the costumed snow

Shards of Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence,
Book 88, 2014


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