Wednesday, April 23, 2014

the fingers

you must shape the doggèd
cloud the KNOT lake the
emphysema of yr cat K
NOT big focus KNO T c
loud g lanced KN OT
the faucet rippling in the
night KNOTKNOT usage
information where yr KNOT
laundry clogs KNOT the
toilet faucet K NOT re
flective in the KNOT mu
rror must you KNOT make
,incendio a menudo ,b
lack KNO T fog ))and a
clambering foco

...h iss...

the rolodex

louder hall and debt so
louder hinge inside your
arm debt coiling in the
polar vortex or the housing
index burning in the hall
was motion toward the
river and the itching
index in your eye was
ledger bonfire falling
from the window bon
fire knotted in your
solar plexus solar
plexis was your clou
ded river

...sea ,the swelling.

the sweating lake

short clock LEG the
war ning gas oline the LEG
sock the bed’s dim lint a
faltered LEG snore LEG
itimate clowner in the ch
ained afternoon LEGLEG
crawls from the bank st
ained with plasma LEG ex
halation as the hands click o
ff the LLEG LLEGada ha
,a la puerta LEGG broken
por la tarde broken LE  G
the bloat thieves left  EG
of’s LEGless tripled thief
squirming on the steps



the bring

enter wheeze the water
wind the blobber scam
you bratted in the
wheezy stream en
gaged the spoken b
lob a withered fork a
troubled net a comb
wheezing in its hair

should ,it


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